Gas Turbine and Jet Engine Fun Gallery

jet powered go-karts at Santapod

Jet go-karts at Santapod race way all ready for action in the pits

DIY Gas Turbine built from a turbocharger at Bovingdon

DIY Gas Turbine at a Bovingdon Jet meet

experimental micro gas turbine built in1990s

Experimental micro gas turbine from the 1990s era

afterburner shock diamonds visible

Jet Reaction Motorcycle in testing afterburner diamonds visible

jet powered land speed motorcycle

JetReaction Jet Powered Land-Speed Motorcycle in action at Elvington

Derwent Engine Crank Up Day

Derwent stationary engine crank-up day from 2007

Lycoming T53 Engine Hot Start

Lycoming T53 Hot Start

jet engine snow clearing at Prague airport jet and microturbine powered go-karts at Shakespeare County Raceway

Snow blow jet engine snow and ice clearing at Prague airport

More jet go-karts at Shakespeare County Raceway

Folland Gnat Aircraft

Attempting to induce compressor surge by creating excessive air intake pressure drop

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Rolls Royce RB108 Jet Engine

Historic Jet Engine Rolls Royce RB108 Lift Engine (VTOL)

gas turbine crank up microturbine enthusiasts meeting

Gas turbine festival of stationary engines and enthusiasts

Gas turbine and jet engine enthusiasts meeting Warwickshire